How Much Do I Actually Dislike Homework? A Lot! Thinking back to when I was a kid in the 1970s, I don't remember having much homework at primary school. I'm sure we had reading but not much written work. Now my kids seem to have tonnes of work to get through!
Shocking Facts About Infidelity In Marriages [Infographic] | Aha!NOW & The ABC Many people cheat on their partners or spouses in a relationship or marriage. Infidelity is on the rise and that is why you need to know these facts about cheating.

Awareness of the whys and whats of adultery may help you improve your existing marriage or relationship.

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Are You In Love or Lust – Do You Know The Difference Ever fallen in love? If so, do you know what your relationship is based on - is it love or lust? A post about love and lust, for the single and married lots.

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What Makes a Healthy Relationship Work Healthy relationships bring happiness in your life. Do you agree? But how can you make your relationships healthy and be happy? I've some tips for you to make your relationship work.

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5 Simple Ways to Save Your Marriage
Valentine's Day special!

Do you face any relationship problems in your marriage? Even if you don't, know these ways to reinforce the trust and bond in your relationship to bring happiness into your life.

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Online Dating website is solution for lonely soul The web world has opened new avenues for the aspiring youth to find the perfect online date through Online Dating website
Zahra AL-Ibrahim: Writing a Story How writing a story made me think about life
Getting Your Attitude Right! « Seasoned Life Journal
“Your attitude not your aptitude determines your altitude”- Zig Ziglar

Let me break it down. It is not your natural talent/skills (aptitude) that will deliver success (altitude) but your desire to succeed (attitude).
Essential Hindi words and phrases for travelers to India Essential Hindi words and phrases for travelers to India paperback.For those who are heading off to India,it might be a good idea to learn some basic Hindi.
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