How to Submit Your XML Sitemaps PROPERLY Using Google Search Console — Babs Reviews Blog XML Sitemaps are one of the key factors that determines how much of your site gets indexed. XML Sitemaps also helps the search engine crawlers understand your site's content and organization. Find out exactly how to submit your XML Sitemaps properly for better indexation in this article.
Rounding Up The Best Online Communities for Bloggers | BloggingPro Find out some of the best online communities where bloggers can share their posts and build relationships with influential bloggers within their niche.
Why you’re unable to convert your blog readers into subscribers So why would you want subscribers anyway? All you need is blog traffic, right? Traffic numbers are mesmerising especially if you get them in nice values. Thousands of hits per day is something that will surely make you to be proud of! When you look at the analytics (Google Analytics, or whatever), and when you […]The post Why you’re unable to convert your blog readers into subscribers appeared first on Problogging Success.
July 2015 WordPress News - This Month in WP w/ CodeinWP #wpdrama

A post explaining all about #wpdrama
What Gets Shared in WordPress - Analyzing 202 Popular Posts After analyzing 202 popular blog posts, they found out the most shared topic in Wordpress.

What do you think it is?

Very interesting data and nice graphics in the article.
Blogging Basics: CRUX of Blogging for New Bloggers | Aha!NOW Are you a new blogger or blogging for sometime but you aren't happy with the results? Use my secret sauce to spice up your blogging to become a successful blogger! By knowing the basics of blogging, you'd be able to proceed on the right path, if you read and implement them! And there are more reasons to visit this post because I've a surprise for you also!

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Powerful Tips To Gain Traffic with Social Bookmarking Sites - My Blogging Hints Social Bookmarking sites is one of the effective way to drive traffic to your website. Social Bookmarking sites have a power to send a lot of traffic to your website if you do it right. There are many established social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon, Reddit , Digg etc., serves as a great source of valuable visitors. You need to think about building strong and quality backlinks in order to gain consistent visitors to your website.
How to be a Better Blogger? - TechieGIG How to be a better blogger..There are millions of bloggers available online but are all good enough to be followed? Of course not! Not all bloggers are good.
Common Mistakes Most Of Blogger's Do While Sharing Articles On Social Networking Sites Sharing ways to prevent you from some common mistakes that most of the blogger's do while sharing articles on social networking sites. Trick to earn huge.
Google Mobile Friendly Websites – The Complete Guide Are you still looking for ways to make your blog mobile-friendly? Here is a complete how-to guide that might help you get started or make you get over the obstacles to prepare for the Google mobilegeddon.

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