Social Media Strategy: A Critique For Successful Campaigns Part 1 Social media strategy is crucial in order to design and execute successful social marketing campaigns. Without a social media strategy, campaigns will be shooting in the dark to try and fulfil their purpose.
How to increase social traffic to your Website with MSocialH With all the recent Google Search Engine updates; it’s becoming more important for bloggers and webmasters to look for new sources of traffic specially the social media traffic to compensate any organic traffic loss and to prevent depending only on search engine traffic.
The differences between a social media audience and a traditional media audience There used to be one audience that companies and brands presented themselves before but that has changed tremendously through the years.
What You Should Not Do On Twitter Most people today, like ventilating their opinions via Twitter. But how can you tell if someone have already stepped the line?
26 Very Pinteresting Facts [INFOGRAPHIC] Since its launch in March 2010, Pinterest has grown into one of the top destinations online with over 70 million users and 2.5 billion views per month. The site has a strong female demographic who represent 80% of all its users. Though Pinterest is making efforts to expand globally, 60% of its user base still lives in the States, where 25.6 million people visit the site each month. Pinterest also has over 500,000 business accounts and 140 employees. To date, Pinterest has raised $338 million in private funding.
A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Manager A day in the life of a social media manager can be very hectic indeed. This infographic should provide a good overview of what is typically expected in #SMM
How To Cultivate a Relationship on Google Plus Google Plus is a platform above all others.  It’s micro-blogging aspects makes the social update stand out to your follower when done in the right way.  Google Plus can single-handedly bring your blog to the forefront of social marketing, however,
Repair damaged online reputation using Social media This article discusses how you can repair damaged online reputation using social media. Social media can be used to fix damaged online reputation easily....
Humanizing Your Brand in Social Media Sure, your business is in Twitter or Facebook. But the question is: are you being human enough?
Social Media and Its Impacts on Society Society has changed from lawlessness to orderliness. Language and communication, among and between societies, have helped in bolstering human to human relationships during the early times.
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