DevOps Salary Survey 2015: Facts About DevOps Careers and Salaries | Incapsula.com Incapsula DevOps Salary Survey results provide valuable insights into different DevOps career paths, roles, and salaries.
[Infographic] 13 Project Management Terms You Should Know If you are a Project Manager, these 13 terms will help you take your performance to the next level.
Top 10 Traits Of Successful Leaders Successful leaders have no fear establishing a positive environment for staff in order to achieve the best possible results because they believe in their goals
What Makes a Great Manager What makes a great manager? The modern manager does more than lead a team and delegate tasks. He/she drives the business forward.

Superb managers are more than what they are assumed they should be. Through exploiting the value of their team they drive the business forward.
10 tips to manage a project efficiently Project management is a challenging task and the key to successful project delivery in time and within a confined budget.

Having the requisite skills and discipline is the panacea to proficient project management. Are you handling your projects rightly?
How to Write a Cover Letter for Your Resume with Sample Cover letter is an additional piece of paper which is sent along with your resume to introduce them more precisely. Job seekers frequently send cover with their resume or curriculum vitae as the way of introducing themselves to employers to explain their suitability for the desired position. Cover letter is best method to screen yourself in a much better way as you can. A cover letter is also known as, a covering letter, an introduction letter or a motivation letter.
DOs and DON’Ts at the Holiday Party It is the time at work that we wind down the year and enjoy the holidays. With holidays often come office parties. Here are a few tips to make it a great success.
Management Remedies for Rushing and Panicking this Holiday Season When managers yell for someone to hurry, I think they’re actually revealing their own weaknesses. Encouraging an employee to rush concerns me both for the work quality and the overall safety of the work environment. It may be better to think about what you specifically need done and how best to achieve it.
If It’s Not Broke, You Can Still Fix it So many times we see things we know we need to fix in business, but feel there is just no time to stop to work on them. It seems we never want to slow down long enough to fix issues until the system is totally broke.
Work is where the WIFI is (with LogMeIn) ppy Guy Once upon a time, nobody had much flexibility. But with mobile technology, suddenly our lives have opened up to numerous possibilities. I used LogMeIn to work remotely for a week, but this is not quite a “review” in the traditional sense.
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