LinkedIn Referrals Make a Real Difference: 3 Ways To Get More Are you actively seeking to generate quality LinkedIn referrals?

Do you have a short, medium and long term plan for generating LinkedIn referrals and leveraging your networks?
5 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Reach |by Stuart Davidson Discover how to increase your Twitter reach by cross-promoting your profile and campaigns, interacting with influencers and forming ally relationships.
Mobile cashiers and fitting-room rewards coming soon to a store near you The old notion of lining up at the cash register could be a thing of the past, with mobile POS (point of sale) systems. Could we now be given surprise rewards and impromptu discounts, even as we are trying on clothes in the fitting rooms?
Seven Frugal Ways to Operate Your Small Business Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and critical to its success. Small businesses depend on their cash flow and when money is in short supply they may not be able to grow as planned, or worse yet, may end up closing their doors. To prevent this from happening it is important for small businesses to find ways to save on all their business expenses and manage their money well.
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