July 2015 WordPress News - This Month in WP w/ CodeinWP #wpdrama

A post explaining all about #wpdrama
What Gets Shared in WordPress - Analyzing 202 Popular Posts After analyzing 202 popular blog posts, they found out the most shared topic in Wordpress.

What do you think it is?

Very interesting data and nice graphics in the article.
How to Backup WordPress Blog and Restore the Blog again? The complete guide to take backups of your blog manually and restore it again. This guide is a must-read for all bloggers, especially those who don't yet take backups of your blog.
Creating A Powerful Email Lead Capture Page In WordPress Here are 12 critical tips for creating a powerful email lead capture page in WordPress for bloggers and internet entrepreneurs...
5 Tips To Increase Traffic To Your WordPress Blog You’ve built your site in WordPress, so having a blog is a no brainer. Any business or company that is worth its salt needs a blog these days. Why? Well,
Better Links Pro Review: Special Offer Discount + Bonus If you're monetising your blog with affiliate products or creating niche sites using WordPress, check out my personal review of Better Links Pro for all your URL redirection
What Most Web Hosting Companies Won’t Tell You In this article i have highlighted some important things most web hosting companies won't tell you. I have also explained how to find out such information.
Lost Admin Password in WordPress and Email Retrieval not Working Lost Admin Password in WordPress and Email Retrieval also Not working. What to do? You can reset your admin password via cPanel account. The complete tutorial is explained clearly
Customize your Website with SiteApps How you can customize your Website with SiteApps. SiteApps is a service that allows you to add special features to a website in just few clicks.
5 Best Google Adsense Ready Wordpress Themes - Universal Blogging Tips Have you ever thought why you aren't to able make sufficient money from adsense? It's because of your CTR. Here are 5 best google adsense ready wordpress templates that will boost your CTR
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