Build Your Own Hello Bar Alternative Using Genesis Extender Plugin Here are 6 easy steps to build your own Hello Bar alternative or web notification bar with the help of Genesis Framework.
MaxCDN Review | How does it Compare to CloudFlare? avgjoegeek.net With this MaxCDN review I go through setup to performance. Plus I go and compare it with CloudFlare in terms of service and performance.
Top Christmas Wordpress Plugins to add Snowfall effect to your Blog The top Christmas Wordpress plugins to add snowfall effect to your Wordpress blog are listed in this article plus download links to decorate your website...
How to Move Your WordPress Blog to Another Host Using SSH Moving a blog from one host to another is not a new thing among bloggers; we all tend to move our blogs to a new host for one reason or the other. Usually, the major reason why a lot of bloggers change their web hosts can be attributed to the thirst for better web hosting and quality of service.
Ever since I learnt how to move my blogs via SSH, I have been saving on Data and Time. I don’t need to use my internet data plan to download 1 gig files and also spend unnecessary 1 hour+ doing this. With SSH, you don’t use your data plan and you can move a huge site in under 10 mins without any stre
Top 20 Cherry Framework Themes for WordPress framework themes are great for wordpress blogs or websites designs. Here is a list of the top 20 cherry framework themes for wordpress. They are quite cheap
Becoming A Website Designer Without Coding Skills And Still Make Money While many believe that you need to have coding skills in order to become a website designer, the truth is totally opposite. Find out more here.
10 Must have Wordpress plugins for a new blog This article discusses the 10 Must have Wordpress plugins for a new blog and why you need to use these plugins in your newly created Wordpress blog.........
WP Engine vs Synthesis Hosting - Best Managed WordPress Hosting Both WP Engine and Synthesis web hosting are very popular managed WordPress hosting. Which would be your preferred web hosting choice?
How To Display Related Posts Without A Plugin In Genesis Themes A complete tutorial on how to display related posts without a plugin in Genesis themes. Display related posts based on category and tags.
9 Must Have Plugins for Your Blog When you have to choose which plugin to use, you must do it wisely, because in some cases – if your blog is hosted on a shared server plan - the resources that you can use are limited, and your account may be temporarily blocked if you do not follow the rules, staying within certain limits of use.
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