What Makes a Healthy Relationship Work Healthy relationships bring happiness in your life. Do you agree? But how can you make your relationships healthy and be happy? I've some tips for you to make your relationship work.

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How to Handle Aggressive Kids Positively | Aha!NOW If you're a parent, it's nothing new for you to see your kids get aggressive for no rhyme or reason. However, there may be some underlying reasons. We as parents need to be in a position to understand them. Here are some tips for parents to deal with themselves and their aggressive children in a positive way, such that both your child and you are eventually happy.

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Pointers for Encouraging Your Kids to Read - Positive Parenting Tips By pushing and trying to force the issue by simply ordering them to read, you're doing more harm than good
Zahra AL-Ibrahim: Writing a Story How writing a story made me think about life
GEMS Of Aha!NOW – October 2014 Gems are precious, and one of the best things you can have in life are gem of people to help and support you. I too have such gems over at my blog and this is the post to honor them. Also in this post, learn how to win a $600 free giveaway and be featured on my blog as a GEM.

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5 Common Moving Mistakes To Avoid Upon Relocation | Aha!NOW Are you shifting your house and relocating far away? Long distance relocation is not easy and requires the services of a moving company. Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid when moving, and some bonus tips to make the moving a smooth affair.

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Essential Hindi words and phrases for travelers to India Essential Hindi words and phrases for travelers to India paperback.For those who are heading off to India,it might be a good idea to learn some basic Hindi.
VillainsVsHeroes A post about why I love villains more than heroes
5 Simple Ways to Save Your Marriage
Valentine's Day special!

Do you face any relationship problems in your marriage? Even if you don't, know these ways to reinforce the trust and bond in your relationship to bring happiness into your life.

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Get Trendy with Nordstrom Coupons In the past few decades, a lot has changed in terms of the women's market. Now, more than any other point in U.S. history, women have become begun to contr
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