Under Construction Template for Blogger Under construction templates are rarely released for Blogger. I had some issues with my other blog template so I had to put up a under construction template, I was searching for hours to find...
Top 6 Sites to Learn HTML and CSS CSS Stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a language used by web designers for designing webpages. CSS is a world of creative possibilities. CSS is a language used for specifying how documents are presented to users and How HTML elements are to be displayed. With the power of CSS everything is possible, the only limit is our imaginati...
19 Marketing Experts Share their Favorite Online Design Tools Find the best free online design tools to help create the images and customization you are looking for. These 19 experts share their favorite design tools.
How to Add Turn Off Lights Video Effect in Blogger | Blogolect You might have seen Turn Off the Lights effect on some top video blogs. Turn Off the Lights effect is created with the help of jQuery and it is used make the background darkish while watching a video online. On clicking Turn off the Lights the whole page darkens except the video and let you watch video as if you are in the cinema.
How to Replace Home, Older Posts and Newer Posts Links with Images
You may have seen home, older posts and newer posts links at the bottom of your website/blog homepage. These buttons/links are used for navigation. They help your visitors to navigate through your older/newer posts. This is a great tool/element for your visitors. By default, these links only show a simple text. But except the default simple text, you might wanna make these buttons more visible and eye catching, by changing their colors, effects and replacing them with eye catching images/icons.
Get your Infograph kick with This Free Infographic Elements Kit Free Infographic Elements: Free vector specially created for you to start fiddling around and build your own infographics. Get your Infograph kick!
Learn the Key Secrets of Winning Website Design Get aquainted with some of the critical aspects that guarantee the success of website design.
Free Online CSS Minify Tools In this article i have curated some free online CSS minify tools and free online CSS unminify tools as well.The list contains the best minify and unminify..
Create a Professional Logo online with Logaster - Online Free Tools create a professionla logo
Five Ways to Craft Memorable Business Cards When You Use Cheap Printing in Melbourne If you are going to turn to cheap printing in Melbourne to make business cards, one of your main objectives should be making cards that are memorable and effective. Your end goal has to be to get people to keep the cards on file, rather than just tossing them out shortly after they take them. If they are memorable and effective, people will not only keep them, but they will also remember them when they need the products or services that you have to offer.
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