How To Write a Follow-up Sales Email That Doesn’t Suck Time for writing a good sales email, but how do you do that?
Social Media Marketing & Promotion Made Easy [Infographic] My first encounter with social media was a long time ago. My first account wasn’t on Facebook or Twitter…it was on Myspace, and this was long before it became a music platform.

When Facebook first showed up on the scene I laughed.
How One Post Got Me To 10k Unique Visits And $200 Per Month Earlier this month I reported in my August monthly growth report that this 6 month old blog surpassed 10k monthly unique visitors. As some of you remarked, this was a bit of a feat.
And it’s true.

Even if you look at Matthew Woodward’s monthly reports, you’ll see he doesn’t surpass 10k uniques per month until month 8 (although Matt has also produced way more income, email subscribers, and runs his blog as a full on business – I do not).

So yes, traffic is certainly not the whole story – in fact it can often be more of a vanity metric than anything. But it’s also nice to have, and as I
How To Create A Post In A Few Hours That Gets 100's Of Shares Recently I published a post called 126 Must-Read Traffic Generation Case Studies.

Despite it’s considerable magnitude, the post only took me around 4 hours to put together. It has received almost 500 shares to date.

Mind you, our blog gets a modest amount of traffic (a couple thousand visitors a month), and most posts up until this one received only a couple dozen shares, despite still taking on average 1-2 hours.
Are You Someone’s Google? A Strategy To Grow Your Online Influence and Business Today you can find virtually anything you want to know on Google. You can search for anything you want to learn about anything. Google has become the major resource for information and connects people to one another as a result from all over the world. In some regards it’s a networking tool. It networks one person with a problem, need or question to those who have the solutions or answers.
Why Marketing And Development Should Not Be Viewed As Separate It’s typical to look at marketing and development as separate entities.

Two islands, only accessible by boat.

And when it comes to startups, people often place themselves in the category of marketer and developer.

The marketer’s job is to drive traffic to the website and to convert it to trial signups through proper copywriting.

The developer’s job is to build a great product, so that those signups, eventually become sales.
How You Can Improve Your Wordpress Design Without Breaking The Bank One of the most underrated aspects of our blogs is design. Creating great content is one thing, but if it looks unappealing – who is going to want to read it? Let’s face it, when you come across a good looking blog, it instantly builds authority with you.

You get that feeling that this person has really invested in their blog and treats it professionally. But the dirty secret to design is that it’s not that difficult or expensive. Yes it takes a little bit of time and money, but not as much as you’d think, and the results can literally be night and day.

Although bloggers don’t tend to
25 Marketing Resources that Drive Inbound Traffic from Around the Web – UpCity This week's roundup of the top 25 resource that are guaranteed to net you inbound traffic. All the best inbound marketing tutorials in one place!
Why You Shouldn't Target The Most Influential Bloggers (And Who To Target Instead) If I asked you to go out and do influencer marketing, your natural instinct would be to go out and find the best bloggers in your niche, and see if they were open to partnering up.

In fact, this is most peoples’ natural instinct, and as a result it creates a huge skew.

You have the top 1% of bloggers who are receiving 90% of the offers.

And everybody else, is barely getting noticed.

It sort of reminds me of the American economy.

The problem with this is obvious – the top bloggers don’t have the time to deal with all these offers.

Nor are they interested in them – because rea
An Irresistible Offer: 4 Tips to Personalize Your Sales Funnel An irresistible offer is one that your audience cannot help but respond to. It’s compelling, it’s powerful and it drives action.
So, how do you craft an irresistible offer?

Actionable and original tips here, great post!
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