Are You a "Boss" or Leader? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Anybody can be a boss. However, without solid leadership skills, it is near impossible to effectively manage a team with any level of success.
From Dreams To Life: How Can Law of Attraction Improve Your Life Because the law of attraction really works! The law on the secret of attraction is a fact based on the theory that "similar attracts the like". Which means that positive energy will attract positive things and negative energy will attract negative things. So what to do is very simple.
How To Get Job With Facebook Status With the advancement of technology, its important to update yourself with social networks. Know how to get job with facebook status.
Spiritual Awakening Do you believe in God?
If there was a god then why would be he or she allow so much sufferings in this world?
Why are we here?
Have you ever expressed gratitude?
If you saw God in front of you, what would you say or do?
Do you think of death? Are you afraid of dying?
5 Ways to Curb Information Overload Permanently Information overload is affecting society in ways we never dreamed possible. Such as our ability to absorb information and relate with other people...
What Are Your Chances to Lose Weight This New Year? - MyQuest Blog Weight-loss is a popular New Year’s resolution.

However… a New Year’s resolution for keeping weight off can become a sad disappointment.

You say to yourself that this time you’re going to stick to the diet.

Simple enough.



You’ll indulge in a fad diet, and not eat.

You’ll go off the diet and overeat only to end up heavier than before.

Diets don’t last.

But, keep reading…
Reduce stress & anxiety with these amazing essential oils Stress , anxiety , depression one of the worst things to deal with in life . So here we detailed a natural way to Reduce stress & anxiety with essential oil
Weight loss booster Foods you should take before & after exercise Hey guys,  today we will talk about some healthy eating habits .This will boost the efforts you are putting in to get rid of those extra kilos along with the workout. Who doesn’t want to be in shape today? When talking about shape we never consider round as a shape when it comes to the physique. A good knowledge on diet is must while you are doing any workout. Else you will end up saying ” Nothing works for me “. So here is the list of amazing Weight loss booster Foods you should take to maximize your weight loss with workout .
The way you think and so you become

Krishnakanta: "The way you think and so you become"

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How to Get Better at Snapchat - 30 Day Doodle Challenge I used a 30 day Doodle challenge to improve myself and to up my Snapchat game. Here's what I learned and why you need to do it as well!
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