Welcome to Klinkk – this is a place where you can share your knowledge (your blog posts or something else in the internet you find interesting).

How Klinkk Works

You may want just to promote your blog/website here. Don’t forget the fact that you can connect with real people here. The more effort your put in this community, the more you will receive in terms of benefits : traffic, exposure and of course links. The community is created so that like-minded folks can hang out, promote each other’s stuff and create a healthy community.

Klinkk Owner

Erik Emanuelli owns that site and yes there are real folks at the backend. So if you’ve got any query regarding your account, the community, how stuff works here, technical issues, advertising or guest blogging on this site, feel free to get in touch with us at the Contact page. Feel free to read about the site’s Privacy policy and Terms of Use (Terms of Service). If you find a story interesting at Klinkk, don’t forget to vote for it and share it!

Enjoy Klinkk!

Best, Erik Emanuelli Klinkk Admin
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