#004: Developing Your Own Unique Writing Style In this article I will share with you some tips for developing your own unique writing style or more often referred to as giving your blog a unique voice...

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  1. magnet4marketing 1364 days ago Permalink

    Hi mate, I'm glad you enjoyed reading my post. A lot of bloggers I meet ask how do they start developing a unique writing style for their blog, my answer is usually it takes time, but the best place to start is simply by writing how you would normally speak. Best of luck and thanks for your comment. Will take a look at your blog for sure.

  2. KoalaRevolution 1367 days ago Permalink

    Hi I really enjoyed the post as I am new to blogging and trying to find my voice.

    I try to just write and not think to much to make it seem spontaneous like I am actually talking, do you think this is a good strategy or would you recommend more planning.

    Take a look at my first couple of posts to see what you think.

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