10 Online Communities For Expanding Your Blog Network Online communities are a great resource for bloggers & businesses to help expand blog networks, increase traffic and to boost content sharing & engagement.

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  1. AndyLiu 938 days ago Permalink

    So far I've only tried Google plus groups and Klinkk. Some Facebook groups seems pretty dead when I attempt to join them... no one approves the requests to join...

  2. Hooshmand 1306 days ago Permalink

    Very nice laid out! Well. Actually, I use only 4 of them and I'll probably be taking advantage of some more very soon. Thanks again for such an informative post!

  3. StuartJDavidson 1311 days ago Permalink

    No worries and thanks a lot! All the best =)

  4. decoslim 1308 days ago Permalink

    Nice list StuartJDavidson, taking advantage of this community will definitely skyrocket ones blog traffic.

    Also another good community is kingged.com.

  5. admin 1311 days ago Permalink

    Loved the "world map" image at the top of your post, Stuart!

    I agree with you.

    Joining and above all, participating actively to blogging communities really give many benefits.

    Not only in terms of targeted traffic, but you can also build new connections with influential people within your niche.

    I really appreciate your mention of Klinkk.

    And I thank you for being active here.

    It's a big pleasure to have you (I say this sincerely).

    I've pinned the Klinkk image, shared the post on Twitter via @Klinkkdotcom and @ErikEmanuelli .

    Also, recommended on Google + and shared on the Klinkk Facebook fan page.

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