12 Free Website Design Tools | Online Free Tools Don't Reinvent the Wheel.
Here's the list of website design tools that you can use to accomplish your web design work easier and quicker.

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  1. Onlinefreetools 1558 days ago Permalink

    Hi Admin,

    Categories like Website, Design, Graphic, Photography,internet, learning.

    Padding meant was: At the top menu when I've notifcations in inbox the orange color appear the most to the bottom. (It's related to CSS and is not related to functionality of site.).

  2. admin 1558 days ago Permalink

    Hi Kamran,

    thanks for the suggestions.

    I added the categories you mentioned.

    Also, I'll work on adjust the orange colored button that appears when receiving new messages on inbox.

  3. Onlinefreetools 1559 days ago Permalink

    Great work, some other categories should be added. and the top menu should be improved. I mean the padding should be reduced to bottom.

  4. admin 1559 days ago Permalink

    Thanks for your feedback, Kamran.

    Which categories should be added, in your opinion?

    Also, what do you mean with "padding should be reduced to bottom" on menu?

  5. Onlinefreetools 1560 days ago Permalink

    Thanks. Are you really the Admin?

  6. admin 1559 days ago Permalink

    Yes, Kamran, I am Erik, admin and founder of Klinkk.

    I hope you are enjoying it! :)

  7. admin 1560 days ago Permalink

    Useful resources, Kamran.

    Thanks for sharing.

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