5 Free Keyword ranking Tools to monitor your Blog's keyword ranking If you are serious about getting decent amount of organic traffic from search engines, then it’s must for your blog to feature on first page of search results for your targeted keywords. Because if your blog is not on the first page for your targeted keywords, then you are missing out on 92% of the total organic traffic. So, it is very very important for your blog to have a high SERP ranking.

Checking your SERP is important as it allows you to track the success of your blog. It’s really important for you to know how your blog ranks in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines for a particular keyword. You can either go through search results manually or use a SERP tracker tool for this purpose. If you are an established blogger with a lot of targeted keywords to track, then checking your blog’s keyword ranking manually for your keywords may prove to be a very cumbersome process. This applies to newbie bloggers too if their blog does not rank in the top few pages.

There are many free SERP checker tools available to get the search engine rankings of your websites automatically. These SERP checker tools make it possible for you to check many different keywords on your domain. These SERP Checkers will search Google through a proxy server to give you a good idea of how your blog is performing on the Google results pages.

Here, I am sharing 5 of the best SERP Checker Tools for monitoring your Blog’s keyword ranking. All these tools are absolutely free of cost and is a must for every blogger out there.

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  1. AnkurUpadhyay 1331 days ago Permalink

    Thanks Erik for taking your time to read my post. Monitoring your keyword ranking is a must for every blogger and these tools help them in this purpose.

  2. admin 1334 days ago Permalink

    Hi Ankur,

    you mentioned some useful tools to monitor keyword rankings.

    I know Rank Tracker by LinkAssistant.com, I have been used it since some months already.

    Thanks for sharing!

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