7 Best Blogging Communities & Their Benefits Describe all about Blogging Communities and Their Benefit in Your Blog.

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  1. akash209 1233 days ago Permalink

    ohh. Thanks Erik for your comment.

    I also saw the site offline/online in just 3-4 weeks. Thanks for the reason, i will update my post. Thanks for comment and know me why this happen.

    Hope new host don't suck like previous. :)

  2. admin 1233 days ago Permalink

    Hi Akash,

    I like to use blogging communities not just for leaving my links and promote my content,

    but also for building connections and creating relationships with bloggers.

    Thanks for mentioning Klinkk,

    much appreciated.

    As for your last point, I've experienced two weeks of nightmare with my hosting service

    (I am going to write about this in the Klinkk blog).

    And after a week of the site bouncing offline/online, I've decided to move it to another provider.

    Now hopefully things are fixed.

    Just to let you know that!

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