8 Tips to Make Pinterest Work For Your Business Make Pinterest work for your business by incorporating these 8 powerful tips today. Pinterest marketing done correctly can enhance your business performance

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  1. StuartJDavidson 1385 days ago Permalink

    Thanks a lot, all the very best. - Stuart

  2. admin 1384 days ago Permalink

    Shared and recommended on Google+, Stuart.

    Great tips!

  3. StuartJDavidson 1384 days ago Permalink

    Woah, thanks!

  4. admin 1385 days ago Permalink

    Some great tips, Stuart.

    Personally, I find being active and engaged the most important part of social media.

    Also, people should pay attention to 80/20 rule :

    80% of shares of other users;

    20% your own content.

    Thanks for the article, have a great week!

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