DoSplash Top Publisher Interview: Erik Emanuelli This week I have Erik who is one of the first few members who joined DoSplash when it was started and when the site still had some nasty issues. I must say Erik's support has been great so far.

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  1. pvariel 949 days ago Permalink

    Hi Erik and Jane

    Nice to be here again after a long gap!

    Though I met Erik at one of the social community sites and we were online friends, This interview, in fact, made me to know a bit more about Erik and sure his activities online will work wonders for him as well as to all who associate with him. :-)

    Hey Erik, I am really surprised to read about your adventure travel all over the world and the passion towards skydiving!

    Hey Erik, I am bit confused about your statement with one of Jane's questions:

    I do not need any picture or souvenir, the best memories are recorded forever in my mind.

    That is indeed good, but at the same time what about others who wants to see your adventures !!! LOL You need to create an Album on this line, LOL so that it will surely be a pleasant memory to you as well as people associate with you

    So please do take pics on your journey and make an album too!

    Nice speaking to you this way

    Keep continue your wonderful blogging and marketing Journey

    Thanks Jane for sharing/ exploring few more vital things about this wonderful young person :-)

    I Wish Erik a wonderful and profitable time ahead :-)

    Keep Sharing!


    ~ Philip

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