Essential Social Media Marketing Guide For Individual Bloggers and Small Businesses What kind of marketing rules work across all the major social networks, despite the different ecosystems and all the changes they undergo every year?

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  1. pvariel 324 days ago Permalink

    Hi Moderator,

    This is indeed a wonderful share here.

    A lot of information packed in with.

    The rules share are really worth testing

    Rule #6 and 7 are really valuable.

    A personal profile is a must, a new person visits our page and looks out for your activities on our pages and if we give some vital information about us and our activities I am sure it will pull the audience to our pages.

    Sad to say that in most cases we do not find any information on their profile page or for that matter on their About page. The visitors will just skip the page and go. This is really a bad practice we need to give our vital information page link or contact etc there.

    Coming to rule #7 is another important factor to look into, our engagement values very much How we engage and respond to the comments etc will value more engagement in return.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post's link here.

    Keep sharing

    Have wonderful and profitable week ahead.


    ~ Philip

  2. bockmary7 330 days ago Permalink

    Nice informative post. I'll definitely bookmark and follow it.

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