How can I get my website indexed by Google? It’s the biggest F in the FAQ of SEO. The most frequently asked newbie question: “How can I get my website indexed by Google?” The answer is simple. It will get indexed on its own if it’s any good and you do any promotion. Ah...but there's more to it than that.

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  1. satish888 594 days ago Permalink

    Yes Raj Kumar, Exactly. If their blog submitted their sitemap to the Google webmaster tools or bing webmaster tools, the blog post will be index automatically. no need to force index. Sometimes it takes few hours. If the index does not complete within 48 hours then go for Google Fetching features from Google Webmaster tools.

  2. RajKumar 602 days ago Permalink

    Whatever the website it is, the first ever rule is, submit the sitemap to Google for automatic Index of your articles.

    If you want your articles to be indexed quickly, then, you need to force the Google to index the URL. By fetching and submitting the URL of the page

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