How The Writing Process Helps To Improve Your Content As a blogger or writer, are you happy with your blog writing or content? Do you follow a writing process? Well, there are certain steps you should take that can improve your writing and make it appealing.

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  1. KoalaRevolution 1369 days ago Permalink

    Hi Harleena

    I really enjoyed this article and it is very helpful for a noob like me.

    I want my blogpost to be funny and relaxed and I try to write as if I was talking, which I have found quite hard to do, cos i dont speak proper, lol!

    Any tips for a more relaxed style?

  2. HarleenaSingh 1368 days ago Permalink


    Glad you liked the post :)

    That's a nice way to write, as if you are talking, though you should also keep your readers in mind and write what they would like to read. A perfect blend would be ideal, if possible. Only one tip - just be you and write the best you can.

    Thanks for your feedback :)

  3. admin 1370 days ago Permalink

    I feel guilty when I want to comment on your blog, Harleena.

    Because I am much more pragmatic, that verbose.

    I normally summarize a lot of what I want to say.

    You shared a detailed article on the writing process.

    I am lately concentrating in create +1000 words posts on my blog,

    and this means investing more time in investigating the idea and complete the writing process.

    But it surely pay off with time.

    Thanks for sharing, Harleena.

    Have a fantastic rest of the week! :-)

  4. HarleenaSingh 1370 days ago Permalink

    Hi Erik,

    Please don't say that, in-fact you are on the right track by being practical about things, something that I need to learn now :)

    Yes indeed, writing and researching does take time, and it does take me hours, sometimes goes over to the next day too if it's a long post, which most of them are. I think you cannot help that if you want to provide quality to your readers, isn't it?

    Thanks for your feedback :)

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