How to change the default Wordpress Gravatar and give your blog a personal touch - Make money blogging Change the default wordpress gravatar to something more personal and unique. Many of your readers and commentators will always not have a gravatar.

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  1. FreshGraduate 1574 days ago Permalink

    Wow, it even happened to me! I am not a spammer!

  2. enstine 1567 days ago Permalink

    That was an issue with commentLuv antibacklink. I took it down and all should work well now

  3. admin 1573 days ago Permalink

    Enstine should take a look at that! ;-)

  4. msocialh 1574 days ago Permalink

    Hi my friend. I left you a comment at your blog but it seems your new blog doesn't like me and consider me as a spam. All I did is wishing you all the best with your new blog and thanking you of the tutorial. I don't know if this is considered spam nowadays! :)

  5. enstine 1567 days ago Permalink

    Hello, it was an issue related to the new antibacklink plugin which I took down already

  6. admin 1574 days ago Permalink

    Same happened to me.

    I thought it was my problem, but it seems a common issue. :-)

    I am sure Enstine will fix it soon.

  7. enstine 1567 days ago Permalink

    yes I got it fixed already

  8. msocialh 1574 days ago Permalink

    Good to know That it's not only me! Thanks.

  9. admin 1574 days ago Permalink

    Hi Enstine,

    you wrote a great guide here!

    I was wondering in past how to tweak wordpress gravatar, in order to have a personalized one.

    Now I know how to do it.

    We always need a way to stand out from the crowd, right? :-)

    Great post, thanks for sharing at Klinkk!

  10. enstine 1567 days ago Permalink


    Thanks for commenting. It will be great if you post this comment too on the post. I removed the antibacklink plugin so things should work fine. I'd like to hear details from you

  11. admin 1566 days ago Permalink

    I have tried to post the comment twice, Enstine.

    But I got this message:

    You appear to be a spambot. Contact admin another way if you feel this message is in error

    Click here to go back

    Error Code: nr10.1

  12. enstine 1566 days ago Permalink

    Don't know why that but I 'll get it to Andy. Meanwhile your comment was received already

  13. admin 1566 days ago Permalink

    Thanks Enstine!

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