How to choose the right wordpress hosting company to host your money making blog Choosing the right host for your blog is never an easy task. Any poor choice today could mean disaster tomorrow. That's why it's crucial to pay attention to your choice at inception.

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  1. enstine 1498 days ago Permalink

    Hi Erik,

    Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog today.

    Yes, Hostgator is good. Not withstanding, there are sometimes issues but what makes it great is their ability to resolve these issues and fast ;)

  2. admin 1498 days ago Permalink

    Yeah, Enstine.

    I remember when they found out I had a malware on my main site, 2 years ago.

    They solved cleaning out everything and within 2-3 hours I had my sites back again.

    Fresh and clean! :-)

  3. admin 1498 days ago Permalink

    Hi Enstine,

    great tutorial for people who need to choose a web hosting.

    I am with HostGator too, since when I started blogging and I am really satisfied with their services. I had a great help everytime I had some issues.

    Thanks for sharing! :-)

  4. enstine 1498 days ago Permalink

    Oh yes that too happened to an old site of mine but it was sorted out within 20 minutes on live support ;)

  5. admin 1498 days ago Permalink

    Wow, great! :-)

    Then I guess you were really happy and satisfied of the support! ;)

  6. enstine 1498 days ago Permalink

    Yes for sure! I think since 2008 working with them and having over 500 domains including those on my dedicated server with them, I'm quite known to the support service. That too attracts a higher level of attention from the support staff.

  7. admin 1498 days ago Permalink

    That's amazing!

    500 domains!?!

    This is huge! Congratulations! :)

    I guess you are kind of special customer for HostGator.

    I think I need to switch soon from a shared server to a dedicated server.

  8. enstine 1498 days ago Permalink

    You will have to so soon. Share hosting may not support the kind of traffic klinkk will soon get. Maybe to a VPS first, then dedicated later

  9. admin 1498 days ago Permalink

    I think you are much more expert than myself on HostGator packages, Enstine.

    About VPS Hosting, I see there are 9 levels and the prices are very different.

    On what basis should I choose the level?

    Also, I see the level 8 or 9 of VPS Hosting is more expensive than the "Basic Dedicated Server".

    And there are 4 levels of Dedicated servers, on Linux or Windows.

    What a huge range of choices....!

    I think I need to dig more on this.

  10. enstine 1498 days ago Permalink

    I think given that you're not going to be hosting for the public, give preference to processor speed and memory capacity.

    I didn't get any practical experience with their VPS though. I moved from reseller to dedicated, where I hired and trained some guys who are doing a good job here.

    When you are getting closer to upgrading, you can shoot me a mail so we put our heads together and pick the best package for your projects

  11. admin 1498 days ago Permalink

    Thanks so much, Enstine.

    Will do that.

    If it's soon, it's better for my projects, due to the increased traffic! ;-)

    Have a great weekend, mate.

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