How to increase Adsense CTR by more than 100%? After two years of doing Adsense earnings optimization on my own site, I really thought I had it all figured out. I tough my Adsense ctr was already well optimized, until I finally realized I was making 50% less money than what was possible. As soon as I stopped positioning my Adsense ads AROUND my website content, my CTR doubled practically overnight.

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  1. Mimuba 564 days ago Permalink

    I would call it a very profitable post.

    Experimenting ad sizes and places is the most effective way to increase adsense revenue and you covered the topic with a wonderful idea and it surely will help a lot to those who mostly rely on adsesne income.

  2. maheshdobhal 871 days ago Permalink

    Thanks for the post. Found helpul

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