How To Stay Focused To Achieve Your Goals Aha!NOW Do you know you've more chances to be successful if you're focused? Of course, you know that, but how can you focus with so many distractions around you? I've some tips that can help you learn how to stay focused and achieve your goals.

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  1. lawrenceb07 1004 days ago Permalink

    These are some great tips on how to stay focused. I think the main factors that allows you stay focused through tempting distractions is finding your purpose for why you want to achieve a goal. When you find your purpose in life, that is bigger than your own self-interests, you find the will-power and determination to reach the next level of your life. You cannot achieve much in life without a certain degree of focus. You must also find clarity in your goals. Great post!

  2. HarleenaSingh 1004 days ago Permalink

    Thanks Lawrence, glad you liked them! Absolutely agree with you :)

  3. MedhaBN 1096 days ago Permalink

    Hey Harleena,

    Really one point mentioned here in this article is a must and that is - accepting the fact that despite all the efforts you may fail! Yet it's so hard to accept it :)

  4. TheOfficialCEO 1096 days ago Permalink

    I love this. I really enjoyed this post!!

  5. HarleenaSingh 1096 days ago Permalink

    Thanks so much - glad you liked it :)

  6. trendyhealers 1274 days ago Permalink

    Thanks Erik, and Harleena mam

    When I look back at 2 years, what I have found that I have done all most everything except making good online friends and network. So From now on I will be active on social site and blogging communities.

    Can you suggest me Where should I be active for my health blog and making new connections for it,


  7. HarleenaSingh 1274 days ago Permalink

    Yes indeed, these are two important aspects of blogging we cannot ignore, though not everyone does them, but they do help a great deal.

    Google up for health related blogs and start connecting if you wish to remain within your niche. Though for most of us, we just go beyond our niches and connect with those who connect with us.

    For example, I visit Erik's blog and vice versa, even though we may or may not have the same niche, because we are here to build relationships with each other, which eventually turns into beautiful friendships. You are most welcome to visit my blog and connect, and be part of the forum too - I have a health niche among the others too - just a suggestion. :)

    Thanks, and I hope this helps :)

  8. HarleenaSingh 1275 days ago Permalink

    It takes time I would say, and you need to be consistent, dedicated, and patience. Success comes to those who wait as they say, so hold on! I am sure your time will come :)

  9. trendyhealers 1275 days ago Permalink

    I am working in blogging filed from last two years, but still have not done big, I am foused on my goal but not achieving it. what to do , please help.

    I want to achieve my goal.

  10. admin 1275 days ago Permalink

    I started blogging in 2010, and I remember the first 2 years are pretty "hard".

    I mean, it takes long time to create a name (or a brand) around blogosphere,

    and it took me 3 years to build a solid income online.

    So keep up the hard work and success will come! ;-)

    One tip : create as many good connections with great people as you can.

    Doing that via blogging communities - KLINKK - is a great way to achieve that.

  11. HarleenaSingh 1275 days ago Permalink

    You are absolutely right Erik!

    It does take that much of time to establish yourself, if you really go the natural way, though there are some who achieve success overnight! I am sure they must be doing something we don't, perhaps not the right things all through :)

    Good suggestion, because networking with influencers and those who connect with you IS important. I too would vouch for that :)

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