How will Google’s new HTTPS and SSL rules affect WordPress websites Google shook the webmaster world with its HTTPS announcement. Guest blogger John Feeney tells us what WordPress site owners should do to take advantage of Google’s announcement.

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  1. obctips 1283 days ago Permalink

    Google is very free to do whatever they feel like doing, change today, counter change tomorrow and so on.

  2. crom84 1286 days ago Permalink

    Google's algorithm is always in a state of flux.

  3. karmakar 1286 days ago Permalink

    Hi Devid...

    Thanks for sharing the detailed tutorial on this complicated topic. But after what Google did with "Authorship" project I started doubting any of their new claims.

    Moreover "Authorship" was a FREE criteria but for HTTPS, as you have given the pricing it will a big blow for SMEs if after 2 years Google changes their criteria again...

    What say you?


  4. admin 1287 days ago Permalink

    Just another way to pump up business...

    Don't you think so, David?

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