teliad : a Great Platform You Should Use to Make Money Blogging In the last 5 years, since when I started my first website, I’ve seen many friends quitting their blogs. The main reason is always the same : they do not receive enough monetary compensation in order to live just with blogging. The classic case is when someone is dazzled by the false glitter of the internet […]

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  1. msocialh 1403 days ago Permalink

    Hi Erik,

    Although the website design seems very basic but with your recommendation I will check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. admin 1403 days ago Permalink

    Hi Qasim,

    Thanks for reading the article.

    You should give teliad a try, it's worth it!

    Appreciate your comment!

  3. msocialh 1402 days ago Permalink

    I have registered with them and hope it will bring a lot of $$$. I have used your link in your article but I am not sure if you have setup your affiliate link correctly. As when I click on it there is no Affiliate ID link, only normal link.

  4. admin 1402 days ago Permalink

    The affiliate link is at the end of the article.

    If you missed it, no problem, my friend!

  5. msocialh 1401 days ago Permalink

    I clicked on the one in the middle of the article, the one titled "register here".

  6. admin 1401 days ago Permalink

    I see, Qasim.

    I fixed that, and added my affiliate link on the words "register here".

    It was this:


  7. comocom 1405 days ago Permalink

    The info in this article is very useful! Great post, thanks for sharing it!

  8. admin 1405 days ago Permalink

    Thanks Comocom!

    Be sure to try teliad! ;-)

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