The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate 101 Since the inception of WordPress plugins about 10 years ago not a lot has changed in the way we write them. There’s a main plugin file with a header followed by the Wild West basically. Apart from using hooks, there is no standardized way of making plugins.

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  1. Atishranjan 997 days ago Permalink

    Hello Erik,

    Coding is one of the things I was fancy about but due to some situations whatever the path I have gotten, I have taken. But still I love the way people code and program many great things.

    But as I am not a programmer, I see things as tough but the plugin boilerplate makes things easier to develop plugin from a given template.

    Nice one! Thanks for sharing!

  2. admin 997 days ago Permalink

    The idea of coding gives me headache, but I guess that "WordPress Plugin Boilerplate 101" would really help me!

    Thanks for commenting, Atish.

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