Three Chatbots That’ll Boost Your Business for Free Chatbots today are highly versatile and can do practically anything. In fact, some are so good that they’re able to learn on their own and increase their capabilities on the fly. Yet with great functionality comes greater difficulty (and often a higher price tag).

Keep in mind the basic premise of having the Chatbot, and that is to act as a support unit to your business. The Chatbot is there to assist your customers, be in in providing faster support, greater customization, or by extending your outreach.

The best part of this supporting role is that it greatly scales up your business. You’ll be able to have the Chatbot responding to multiple customers simultaneously at any time of the day.

Having put that thought to you, let’s have a run through of three popular Chatbots and their providers. We’ll share with you some basic information as well as what areas each of these Chatbots are best used in.

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