Top 7 essential Plugins for new WordPress blogs - Make money blogging These are my 7 most recommended plugins for a new WordPress blog. Check this so you don't get the wrong plugins installed

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  1. salman 1586 days ago Permalink

    Nice share brother ...

  2. enstine 1586 days ago Permalink

    Thanks Salman

  3. admin 1586 days ago Permalink

    Hi Enstine,

    very useful list of plugins blog owners should consider.

    I have a question :

    ins't "Jet Pack" plugin using too many resources, to be worth to install it?

    I had installed once, but then removed for that reason.

    May be people had this issue just on shared servers.

  4. enstine 1586 days ago Permalink

    Hi Erik,

    That's a great observation.

    As a matter of fact, some users think JetPack sucks! From my personal experience, I think the main issue some users face is that of compatibility. JetPack, like any other many in 1 plugin will use up resources depended on the options enabled but having 4 different plugins do these 4 things I mentioned here will definitely use up more resources than JetPack will do

    The social sharing plugin DIGDIG for instance uses almost more resources than JetPack and the 4 I have mentioned above.

    However, I advice readers to take JP down if there is any performance or compatibility issue

  5. admin 1586 days ago Permalink

    You hit the problem, Enstine.

    The fact is that most of the times bloggers use many plugins at the same time on the same site, overusing the resources available on the most common web hosting plan, which is the shared server.

    I don't think JetPack sucks, I think it must be used wisely and under certain conditions.

    Thanks for your comment!

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