What’s "ADS.TXT"? How To Add Ads.txt To Blogger/WordPress In 2 Min? What is the ads.txt & all about? — How to add the ads.txt file to blogger? what is ads.txt? How does it work? How to add Ads.txt file into Blogger? Ads.txt on blogger root directory? How can I implement ads.txt functionality into our Blogger? What kind of problems does Ads.txt solve? How publishers & advertisers can get more advantages with Ads.txt to ad revenue? Do I need to setup ads.txt on my site? How do I implement Ads.txt on the WordPress/Blogger website?

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  1. bockmary7 4 days ago Permalink

    When it comes to improving the security of your website, ads.txt is highly beneficial. All in all, a must read post. Very informative and useful too !

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