What Makes a Healthy Relationship Work Healthy relationships bring happiness in your life. Do you agree? But how can you make your relationships healthy and be happy? I've some tips for you to make your relationship work.

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  1. Juliefrnr 1105 days ago Permalink

    I liked reading your article. I also think that it is necessary for both parties to communicate and work together in order for the relationship to work... but not something always that simple, so must work on that!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. HarleenaSingh 1105 days ago Permalink

    Glad you liked it Julie, and you are right- both parties have to work together and talk to each other if they want a relationship to work, no two ways about it! It isn't easy, but if we want to make things work, we'd work in this direction I guess. Thanks for your feedback :)

  3. irl_4795 1108 days ago Permalink

    thank you for sharing this story, find it very interesting. right now words are playing on my mind. but I agree with you in order to make the relationship work and last forever if both parties are working for it..

  4. HarleenaSingh 1108 days ago Permalink

    Most welcome, and glad you liked the post. Yes indeed, to make a relationship work, both parties HAVE to work for it. Thanks :)

  5. ManpreetKaur93 1457 days ago Permalink

    I agree with all the points mentioned in that infographic.. and couples should keep checking if their relationship is going on a healthy path or not.. you know sometimes we just dont realize that there's something wrong unless things go too wrong and then there's no way to fix them.

    Your article would let many couples wait for a second and ponder over the thought of having a healthy relationship and would be of great help for them. good Harleena.. :)

  6. HarleenaSingh 1457 days ago Permalink

    Thanks Manpreet - glad you liked the post and could relate to it :)

  7. HarleenaSingh 1461 days ago Permalink

    Agree with you entirely Troles. Both sides need to work to make a relationship work, just as it takes two to Tango :)

  8. troles 1462 days ago Permalink

    Yes u need both parties working together. Thats the only way it will work

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