What to Consider When Choosing a Web hosting Hosting is nothing else than a place where one or more websites are kept. You can consider it as a store with everything that matters to your business. Think of billboards, desks, inventory, cash register, and so on. In the case of hosting, the files of your website are saved. Files such as HTML, CSS, photos and videos. The biggest difference is that you do not have a real space for all your documents, but a virtual space. This virtual space, better known as a server, is connected to the internet. A server is similar to a regular computer that is switched on and connected to the internet day and night. Your hosting provider is the company that owns several such servers. You pay this party, as it were, the rent to put your documents online on one of their servers. Not all servers are equally good. To continue our analogy to this issue: not all store locations are the same. The rent depends on the quality of the store (location, location, surface, etc.). The quality of the hosting providers also differs. In the case of hosting, the price depends on the storage, the bandwidth and the speed. Do you want to spend less? Then you take for example a smaller storage.

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