Why Use Standing Desks? Win $600 Sit to Stand Workstation Giveaway! Does your job require excessive sitting? I don't want to alarm you but make you aware that sitting for long hours can be unhealthy. There are many reasons to switch to a standing desk, or even better, to a sit-stand workstation.

Well, in today's post, you get to know all about the dangers of sitting as well as what you should do about it. I'm having a giveaway of an Ergotron sit-stand workstation worth up to $600!

Don't wait and rush now - get tips for a healthy life and an opportunity to win the awesome giveaway!

More at the blog. :)

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  1. AgrawalSwadhin 1236 days ago Permalink

    Awesome giveaway...its the healthiest giveaway I have ever heard. :) Thanks for this gesture towards the readers and members of Aha!NOW. Much appreciated. :)

  2. HarleenaSingh 1236 days ago Permalink

    Thanks so much Swadhin for saying that, and yes, anything for the members of my blog community - so glad you are in it too :)

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