Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money Have you tried hard but just aren't able to make money from your blog? There are some mistakes bloggers make, which makes it tough to make money from blogging.

Today's guest is a money making expert, who's sharing his tips, especially for the newbie bloggers. Are you one too? Then don't miss out on this post.

More at the blog :)

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  1. parthibanr52 1375 days ago Permalink


    Nice tips, especially the second one ( theme structure), I also got experience with that. Now I have a good theme structure and everything will be very fine..

    Thanks for sharing this informative article on your blog...

  2. HarleenaSingh 1375 days ago Permalink

    Hi Parthibanr,

    Yes, that is a very important one, and most new bloggers make mistakes with it. But it's not their fault as they learn things only with time. I too have changed my theme twice, and of course moved from Blogger to WP platform 2 years back.

    Thanks for your feedback, and glad you liked the post too :)

  3. DeepakSeo 1375 days ago Permalink

    I think the reason you listed are actually reasons i am not earning from my blog. I will take care of these from now


  4. HarleenaSingh 1375 days ago Permalink

    Thanks Deepak - I am glad you found these tips useful and I hope they help you achieve success. :)

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