YouTube Syndication I'm very happy to announce the ability to Syndicate YouTube videos into the Blog Engage community. The Blog Engage system automatically

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  1. bbrian017 1552 days ago Permalink

    Hey thanks, the embedding is from Embedly you can even do it here on this site, it's 20 usd a month however, pretty expensive lol

  2. admin 1552 days ago Permalink

    Thanks for the suggestion, Brian. :-)

    I think I have that feature :


    Automatically embed content from rich media sites like Youtube | Twitter| Amazon | Facebook | and over 200 more media outlets using Embedly.


  3. bbrian017 1552 days ago Permalink

    Yes I see you have the free version from pligg, I'm not a fan of how it displays, loads and you can be sued for content displaying, with embedly they protect you against copyright issues. Something to consider perhaps.

  4. admin 1552 days ago Permalink

    I have so many things to improve here, Brian.

    It's not an easy thing to run a site like this.

    I take everything step by step. It's a huuuuuge work.

    Regarding the copyright issues, is not enough the message I display on the footer?


    "User-posted content is licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain License"

    - with link pointing to


  5. bbrian017 1552 days ago Permalink

    No that's no good what so ever. To have, use, distribute or replicate any image you have to have rights, royalty free or paid versions. Anything else is illegal. I worked with a company (FDM4) they got finned 5000 usd for 1 image! But let's face the facts! I was doing what you are doing for years without issue.

  6. admin 1552 days ago Permalink

    I see, Brian.

    Thanks for the answer.

    I will take problems one by one.

    I still have so many things to change and improve, as mentioned.

    Thanks again for being here, much appreciated! :-)

  7. bbrian017 1552 days ago Permalink

    After time you will see pligg is very easy, besides the spam issues anyways, Spam is always the largest issue. If you ever need advice or help Dev and I from Blokube are on Skype we can chat anytime :) You will find for the most part the service at pligg.com is horrible lol

  8. admin 1552 days ago Permalink

    Yes, SPAM is always the biggest problem of the whole internet! Lol.

    Well, I have already learned something of the Pligg CSS.

    And when I need help, I have submitted a new post on pligg.com/support

    but not eveytime I got the answer.

    I think it's the best idea to learn to tweak your own site, so you have the power on it.

    I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to ask for your help.

    This is so kind from you.

    Again, thanks a lot Brian. :-)

  9. admin 1552 days ago Permalink

    Thanks for the share, Brian.

    I am very happy to see how BlogEngage, the most popular blogging community, is still improving.

    Keep up the fantastic work! :-)

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