Peter Nilsson is from Sweden
7 Best Plugins Wordpress for Creating an Image Gallery Display photographs gracefully are difficult. To make it easier for you, here are the 7 image gallery plugins that will change your viewers' experience.
ThreatPress - The Perfect Security and Monitoring WordPress Plugin Ask me one Internet topic that never loses its heat? Security! Today we review ThreatPress, the mighty Security, and Monitoring WordPress Plugin!
7 Actionable Ways to Boost Your WordPress Website Sales E-commerce is growing fast. To survive you need to act unique and be authentic. Follow these actionable ways to make a strong standing for your online shop.
Killer Tricks to Drag More Subscribers to Your Blog Let's get in details and check out killer tricks you should keep in mind to collect more subscribers for your blog and provide more income for you.
How to Increase Your Social Media Strategy with WordPress Social Media! The fastest ways to promote your WordPress websites! Learn how you can boost your social media strategy with WordPress in nine useful steps.
Efficient Guide to Monitoring Uptime and Downtime in WordPress There are several plugins and services available to help you to monitor the uptime. Check out our efficient guide of popular plugins and services.
ParallaxSome - A Multipurpose Parallax WordPress Business Theme ParallaxSome Pro is a great looking, feature-rich multi-purpose WordPress theme. The awesome parallax scrolling effects make your website look outstanding.
5 Reasons Why You Should Use Popups for Sales Boom Popups are the most efficient tools in online marketing. We have 5 reasons to convince you! Implement these tips and get a sales boom on your eCommerce!
How to Determine Which WordPress Theme a Website Is Using? Found a nice-looking website and want to determine which technology and WordPress theme they are using? Find out how in our detailed guide.
4 Lead Generation Ideas to Help You Increase Website Conversion Rates In this post, I am going to provide you some tricks that will make sure that you generate quality leads to ensure a hike in the website’s conversion rates.


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