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Forex Risk. How to Calculate Your Returns The forex market, as profitable as it has been for a number of intelligent businessmen, is quite a risky endeavor. In some cases, one small mathematical error can turn your plans and investments upside down. Traders must be constantly aware of the market changes, political climate and economical landscape of the eight big players in […]
7 Highly Effective Ways on How to Get Traffic to Your Blog The online world is riddled with thousands of new sites popping out of existence each second. Not to mention that the number of active social media users are ever-increasing. The result? More competitors. You should worry about it because you’ll be left out if you’re a newcomer. But this doesn’t mean you should lose hope. […]
Here’s Why Most People Do Guest Blogging Wrong Nowadays, it seems that everyone has his own view about how to do guest blogging right. Even so, most people fail and do not get the benefits they could. Guest blogging is far from dead but you want to get it done right. This is true in practically anything associated with digital marketing or SEO. […]
Improve Your Reputations Using These 5 Off Page Techniques The first thing that comes to mind when you are talking about measures that you need to take to improve your reputation is working on your On-Page SEO. However, sometimes we tend to overlook the importance of Off-Page SEO which in fact, holds equal weight.   What is Off-Page SEO?   http://www.nettfirst.com/off-page-seo-techniques/ For those of […]
000WebHost: Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL, Cpanel & No Ads! Are you looking for a way to launch your website, at zero cost? If the answer is yes, then you landed on the right page. In this post, I’m going to introduce you 000WebHost, which provides free website hosting with PHP, MySQL, Cpanel and no ads!   000WebHost Free Account Once you register, a message […]
3 Digital Marketing Tips for Professionals Selling their Services Offering your services as a professional is now a lot easier to do thanks to social media and the internet in general. You can develop a strong online persona, work on your social media presence, and start attracting potential clients in no time. A lot of professionals have multiple income streams working from a home […]
How to Ethically Build Links to Your Site for Greater Ranking The internet is an interconnected virtual world. It’s all about exposure out there. The more you make your presence known, the more visitors you get. And there are lots of ways to do that. Embarking on a social media campaign or email marketing are some of the best ways. Those are effective. But they’ll be […]
Is it Time to Walk Away From Your Small Business? From childhood, parents and teachers enforce the idea that giving up is something which we should avoid in order to build our characters. If your business is becoming more of a burden and looks highly unlikely to improve, maybe the signs are beginning to show that it might be time to consider walking away. You […]
10 Pro Tips to SEO E-commerce Product Pages Setting up a high-performance website that ranks top on all major search engines is not complicated as you might think.
Basic HTML for Everyone Here are some very basic HTML pointers for everyone.


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