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Pressidium Review – Managed WordPress Hosting
A Premium Managed WordPress Hosting Platform for Everyone
Review By: Tom George, Senior Editor, findbestwebhosting.com
I constantly do online research on Superior Managed Wordpress Hosting companies and not long ago, I heard about Pressidium and it's Enterprise Architecture. The more I learned about it, the more respect I had it for Pressidium's Pinnacle Platform and I did not hesitate  much to add it to my favorites list.

For evaluation purpose,  I signed up for a Personal account (Personal plan - costs $24.9 per month) .

Why Pressidium and why should I care?
"Cloud Hosting" marke
Former on-air personality says ESPN was hostile workplace BRISTOL, Conn. / December 16, 2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — A former ESPN personality is accusing the network of trying to silence her and other women who assert they were subjected to a sexually hostile work environment.
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NASA drops replica Orion spacecraft to test parachutes YUMA, Ariz. /December 15, 2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) —  NASA on Friday successfully dropped a replica Orion spacecraft from an Air Force transport aircraft to a southwestern Arizona desert site to test the craft’s ability to cope
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10+ Tools For Efficient Social Media Management Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even Linkedin - if you have all of these accounts then you know how hard it is to manage a social media account on your brand or website. For example, while you're busy talking to your customers on Facebook, you might have forgotten to upload a picture on Pinterest or tweet something on Twitter.

Aside from that, what is the best time to engage your followers in these social media accounts? If that's too much of a headache for you, then you'll need these tools for managing your social media accounts.

CrowdBooster is a social media manag
Manhattan prosecutor returns 3 ancient sculptures to Lebanon NEW YORK / December 15, 2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) —  Three ancient sculptures are being returned to their rightful owners in Lebanon as the Manhattan district attorney forms a new antiquities trafficking unit whose goal is to
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9+ Best Web Analytics Software Trying to understand your web visitors by guessing can be confusing and produces little to no results. Each individual has its own set of data being collected, measured, analyzed and reported. You need a software that can track these down and simplify it in an easy-to-read report.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there that can do just that. But before we dig into these tools, let's start by explaining Web Analytics.
Web Analytics Explained
Web Analytics can be defined as:

To drive continual improvement of the online experience of your prospects and consumers.
To form a qualitative
With obesity on rise, Paris reflects on mirrored ‘fatphobia’ PARIS /December 15, 2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) —  France gave the world butter croissants and foie gras, yet it has often been a place where being overweight was seen as almost sinful. Now, after taking a hard
The post With obesity on rise, Paris reflects on mirrored ‘fatphobia’ appeared first on STL.News.
WooCommerce Hosting- Get everything you need to sell online What is WooCommerce?
WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin developed by WooThemes and is the best e-commerce plug-in available for WordPress. Many site owners are using WooCommerce for selling products online. WooCommerce is user-friendly and makes an excellent choice even for beginners. There are many free and paid extensions available to customize the look and function of your new online store.

WooCommerce Hosting Requirements
WooCommerce hosting requirements are a slightly different from regular WordPress-powered sites. In my opinion, not all WordPress hosts are suitable for WooComme
Huge tax bill heads for passage as GOP senators fall in line WASHINGTON / December 15, 2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — After weeks of quarrels, qualms and then eleventh-hour horse-trading, Republicans revealed the details of their huge national tax rewrite late Friday — along with announcements of support that
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KeyCDN Review – Simple, Fast & Reliable CDN In a previous post we went over the best Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and compared the different providers and an overview of their features. Today we want to dive deeper into one of the providers, KeyCDN, who is known for being a simple, fast, and a reliable CDN. We highly recommend taking a look at them if you want to speed up your website.
KeyCDN Review
KeyCDN is a privately funded Swiss company headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland. They are not a federated CDN or reseller. They focus on speed, scalability and reliability while working with different infrastructure partners to keep


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