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5 Agitating Strategies that Hurt Your Blogging Success Certain tactics will annoy the stuffing out of your readers. 

As a blogger you tend to have certain blogging blind spots. 

Readers see your blog through an entirely different prism than you. 

Your ego may overlook common but glaring issues that will turn off your readers in droves. 

By identifying, owning and releasing these agitating strategies you position yourself to become a more successful blogger. 

1: No Contact Form or Email Address Provided

Nothing feels more frustrating than trying to stalk a blogger for minutes, looking fruitlessly for a contact form or even a simple email add
5 Best Backup Plugins For WordPress: Keep Your Data Safe How many hours have you spent working on your website?

It’s probably more than you think. When you consider writing and updating blog posts, sourcing and adding images, moderating comments, maintaining themes and plugins, then the hours start to build up.

And do you know how easy it is to lose all those countless hours of work, forever?
How To Prepare For A New Year Of Blogging Maybe you’ve been putting off a blog redesign, or you need to update some old content. Whatever the case, December is the best time to work through these tasks.
How to Convert your Website to Mobile Friendly New research from an independent web analytic company Statcounter reveals the factor that mobile devices are becoming the preferred method of Internet access.
6 Most Common website issues and how to solve them? | FBWH Blog Don’t you just hate it when your blog or site is down?

So it is better you educate yourself a little bit about common issues with web hosting providers.

This may help you to avoid those problems before they occur.
5 Best Websites for Finding Jobs Online job boards allow businesses to create listings and provide them the opportunity to be tracked down by potential candidates.
Monetize your blog the right way Odds are if you are doing anything more than personal blogging you have at least thought about making money from your blog. Even those that write personal blogs can attempt to monetize their blogs but, in all honesty it’s probably the most difficult category of blogs to make money from.
6 Security Tips for the Modern Business Cybersecurity is one of the most important things that a business can do to safeguard its data. Here are six tips for bolstering your network security.
eleven40 a New Responsive Child Theme from StudioPress Are you looking for a new theme? Maybe a business theme? But its got to be mobile friendly. If so, I have a great theme for you. Just last week StudioPress released a new theme that not only looks good on a desktop, but it will also look good on any mobile device and any […]The post eleven40 a New Responsive Child Theme from StudioPress appeared first on Blog Engage.
Community Member Spotlight with Jobety Hi everyone and welcome to our community member spotlight. Today, I’m going to introduce to the community Jobety. Jobety is an online job board. You can find all kinds of jobs listed there. The type of jobs listed are mainly related to web development. They range from design, front-end development, UI/UX development, backend etc. You […]The post Community Member Spotlight with Jobety appeared first on Blog Engage.


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