The SEO Benefits Of Using WordPress For Your Business Website — Christopher Jan Benitez If you want to drive organic and passive traffic to your business site from search engines, then you need to learn the SEO benefits of using WordPress.
30 Most Popular WordPress Plugins Based on the Number of Downloads in 2016 Usage statistics show that WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) today. Powering over 26% of the entire web, it’s clearly a favorite amongst bloggers, web designers, and online entrepreneurs.

While there are enough reasons to choose WordPress to write a book, we’ll focus on just one component that makes the CMS special – the myriad of plugins that make site-building easy and fun.
5 Things You Need To Know When Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Site - TechSling Weblog A good WordPress theme can create everything from a personal blog to a business website. It’s very important to choose just the right theme that matches your purposes and intentions for your website. The theme, simply put, should match the content shown on your site. Read ahead to find out about five things that you must seek when choosing a new WordPress theme:
What WordPress Theme Design Is Perfect for Your Website? If you're not sure which is the best WordPress theme design for your site or blog, then this post hopes to shed light to the kinds of themes you should use.
7 Ways for Your Underdog Blog to Beat the Competition - The Blog Herald With thousands of blogs vying for the same audience as yours, you need to find a way to edge out the competition.

Some go the high road by spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on ads so their blog will predominantly appear in search results and social media news feeds.
17 Ways to Write the Best Listicle Content on Your Blog for Higher Traffic Everybody likes to read a list. They’re easy to read, straight to the point, and actionable. These are just some of the reasons why you should write listicles on your blog to increase your blog traffic.
Why Your Blog Needs Landing Pages (and How to Build 'em) - Blogging Tips Learn how landing pages are crucial to the success of your blog (even if you're not selling anything) by increasing its conversion rate.
Product Review for Affiliate Marketing Done Right | BloggingPro Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate an income stream from your website. The process of building a site chock-full with affiliate products narrow
The Exact Amount that You Must Spend on a Great Blog Is… - The Blog Herald "
If you want to succeed with your blog, you need to invest in it. You can’t just sign up on a free blogging platform and use free services and expect to rake in money.

Just like a good investment, you need to put your hard-earned cash to work on your blog to see incredible returns."
MASSIVE LIST: 1,343 Blogs that Accept Guest Posts — Christopher Jan Benitez Download my massive list of blogs that accept guest posts so you can write for them and increase your readership and influence.


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