Paper Quilling: Mandala | Think. Do. Write. This weekend, I wanted to experiment with a different design in quilling. The Mandala seemed like a nice design to try. I spent many engaging hours creating this piece. How do you think it turned out?
How to Build a Social Media Strategy for Your Personal Brand Learn how to easily build a Social Media Strategy for your personal brand and increase you visibility and online recognition! Just follow these simple steps
13 Ways to Use Facebook for Personal Branding | Social Media Today With these 13 simple rules for using Facebook for your personal branding purposes, you will cement your role as a pillar of your community, attract wanted attention and accumulate influence.
7 Reasons Why You Don't Have More Fans on Facebook Check out these top 7 reasons why you don't have more fans on Facebook and what you need to correct in order to get the fans rolling in.
Fan Gating Over - 5 reasons why it's good for your business Learn what fan gating is, how it's done and how goo it is. If you're a serious business having a page on Facebook this is a must know !
NEW on Pinterest - use Pinterest Messages in your Marketing Get the info on the latest updates from pinterest, like introducing the pinterest messages- how to use them for your own advantage !


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