Philip Verghese is a Freelance writer from Secunderabad, India
Expert Interview Series: Philip V Ariel of www.pvariel.com On The Importance And Opportunities Of Business Blogging Hubspot posted an article about 'The Benefits Of Business Blogging,' where they discuss a number of different ways you can get traffic to your website.
Expert Roundup Creation Guide - Monetize.info Amazing ways of creating expert roundup posts. A step by step, case study on how to create a successful experts roundup post. See the amazing results the blog author got within a short period of publishing it on his page. You can easily replicate it in your niche. First the numbers: He got 3519 highly targeted visitors, around 300 new Twitter followers, 500 social media shares, 20 email subscribers and 10 new backlinks.… Read on..
PhilipscomWeb video has a prominent place in the world of business MakeWeb video Web video making has a prominent place in the world of business. Browsing through the content pages and gathering information is no doubt a tedious job in itself since it needs more of our time. People are so busy with their daily chores most often they may not get enough time to read a length content. But at the same time, here comes the importance of a visual image or for that matter, a video. It can tell it all few thousands of words content in a few minutes video. Indeed visual media is getting more attention of the viewers and it can play an important role in the field of communicat
PhilipscomWhy You Should Focus On Your Habits First - Philipscom I have taken a break to spend some quality time with my family over this season. Now, it is time to get back into action again. After taking a break, it often takes some time to ‘get back into things’. There is often a backlog and you need to catch up on many things. You need to get re-organized and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is the time to remain calm and just start working strategically to get back into the rhythm of things.

It might be easier said than done, yet it’s a simple strategy. It starts with creating routines and developing habits.
PhilipscomA Thank You Note To All Dear Readers of Philipscom Yet another year is just passed by, we all can recollect a lot of things good as well as bad from the year just passed by. I am sure we all underwent different kinds of situation in the previous year. We can write volumes about the blessings we received from the God Almighty, of course at the same time there are few incidents which we can recollect as bitter ones too! No worries, it is no doubt that, we have to accept good as well as bad in this life journey. No doubt, such situations are the stepping stones to your success. Count such situation in that sense and look forward and go and a
E is for ENGLISH: Command over English Language - The Need of the Hour! - Philipscom THE INCREASING NUMBER OF INDIAN CEOS IN US
The increasing number of Indian CEOs in the US are increased recently.
In this post the author is pointing out the importance or impact of the English language made on these personalities lives. But sad to note that the politicians in India are trying to take mileage on this issue. It is presented in this post.
115 Amazing Social Media Facts Which You May Not Know [An Infographic] - Philipscom Yes, Social media is an integral part of modern life. Everyone everywhere makes use of its invaluable utilities, most of them use it for a good purpose but at the same time, a good number of them make use it for fun and frolic. Yes, some people make use of this vast platforms to abuse others. The sad part is that even in major social media platforms like Facebook Twitter etc this kind of abuse and misuse is prevalent but neither of them could not put a full stop to it even after their many failed attempts. It is still continuing, Though it has many valuable aspects there is another worst side
Use These Conversion Killers As Conversion Rate Optimization Tips Learn what not to do from these 7 conversion rate crimes, and uncover conversion rate optimization tips from each mistake.
Grab These Excellent E-Books for FREE! Grab these free e-books and stay updated to latest SEO, traffic generation, website development, etc. Available absolutely for FREE!
There is a common notion that All FREE things are bad! But I am sure these books prove that is not fully correct! ‘ Not all FREE things are bad and not all paid things are good too!
Blogging Tools are an essential part of Bloggers daily activity, Resource Page Of Philipscom. Tools uses at philipscom Blogging Tools are an essential part of blogging. In this post, you can find the tools and other resources Philipscom uses on a daily basis. Bloggers use different types of tools, plugins and other resources for the smooth functioning of their pages. There are a lot of such tools available on the world wide web. In this post, I am going to share the important blogging tools and other resources we are using. In this list, you can find out free and paid tools and platforms we use. These tools are in fact very handy and user-friendly too. As we use it on a daily basis, we strongly recomm


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