Philip Verghese is a Freelance writer from Secunderabad, India
15 Experts Discuss Content, Digital Marketing & SEO (Pt. 2) - Last week we introduced you to 15 digital marketing experts who shared some knowledge on the industry – specifically content and SEO, and how to get your site to rank on search engines. Regardless of the field, you’re in, and what type of business you operate, your digital presence is the key to higher visibility on the World Wide Web. The topic of digital marketing is broad in itself; made up of different components, but the essentials – like keywords, and backlinks – are already known. So we’ve gathered 15 more experts to shed more light on these topics. Whether it’s what common SEO mistake
7 Automated Emails Your E-commerce Store Needs to be Sending Let’s take a look at seven automated email flows that every e-commerce store needs to set up and optimize, to keep audience members engaged and advancing along the sales funnel.
How to Write for Top Tier Publications Learn how you can get published or featured by writing for some of the biggest publications online, including The Huffington Post, Vice, Forbes and HBR.
How to make a blog? This is a first-hand experience of a professional blogger Do you want to make a blog of your own?
Yes, I want to start a blog of my own. But how to make a blog? This was the question when I thought of writing about my interesting subject. As I am interested in entertainments like movies, live theater, concerts, and various other related activities. I love all live entertainments and am very much interest in sharing with others. I can share my enthusiasm and get my views out there for all to see. Book clubs or any other similar things don’t interest me but discussions about live entertainment and various other similar activities I like most
8 Effective Tips to Create a Fantastic Logo for Your Business - Philipscom The logo is the face of your business.

Each business entering for the first time in the market has the need to be recognized in the shortest possible time. For this reason, the logo is one of the first elements to be taken into account.

Following certain rules can help to create a high-impact logo. Below you find 8 tips to create a professional logo to increase your brand reputation and beyond.
Top 10 WordPress Automation Tools to Increase Your Productivity - Philipscom When it comes to productivity, you can find plenty of amazing tips and tools out there. We have researched a lot of amazing options. But most of them were not found so much helpful.

In fact, I just stumbled upon some posts and bookmarked them, but never returned to them. Productivity tools really play a great role to improve your efficiency and output. So, we have added some tools that we use most often and save most of our time. I am pretty sure that they will definitely improve your productivity just like mine, and improve your website more efficiently.
Blogger Of The Week - Interview With Robin Khokar of TrickyEnough - News And Views For You Interview With Robin Khokar of TickyEnough.This week's blogger is Robin Khokar a young and upcoming blogger from the land of Punjab.
Proven Ways to Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Ecommerce Store If you want to know how to drive traffic to your online store, here are tested strategies that will make an impact on your bottom line.
Best Selling Mobiles / Smartphones In India  - Philipscom Do you have a craze for mobiles? Or do you feel your world has stopped when you don’t have a smartphone handy wherever you go? Well, according to a recent survey conducted, India ranks at the top when it comes to the number of mobile phone users. There are hundreds of different brands of mobile phones which are available in India, some are local and some are global. But a few among these are really very popular among the buyers and has become the best-sellers. The excellent features, great performance and reasonable price range has made the brands the market leaders. If you are one among them
Expert Interview Series: Philip V Ariel of www.pvariel.com On The Importance And Opportunities Of Business Blogging Hubspot posted an article about 'The Benefits Of Business Blogging,' where they discuss a number of different ways you can get traffic to your website.


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