Sushil Saini is a Software developer and blogger from India
How ISRO’s heaviest GSLV Mark III spacecraft is a game changer technology The success of GSLV Mark III with GSAT 19 satellite will be the game changing technology for Indian Space Research programs. In this post, you will also know –
- Physical and technical Features of GSLV Mark 3
- About indigenous technologies and three stages of the MK 3 spacecraft
- Objectives of Geosynchronous Satellite launch Vehicle Mk III
- Its applications and the future plans of the Indian space agency
Earth to face ice age in next few decades - how? Know why scientists expect arrival of Ice-Age on Earth within few coming decades. Also read this post to know:
- How Ice-Age comes?
- How to get the prehistoric climate records of the Earth?
- Shocking proofs for arrival of Ice age.
- How to determine that the ice-age is coming?
How to handle No Key defined Error – ASP.Net MVC This MVC tutorial for beginners explains reason and the solutions for “No Key defined Error” get while developing asp.net MVC web application.
Compare managed Vs unmanaged code Read comparison of unmanaged and managed code with reference to the programmer efforts, compilation, run time & meantime storage etc.
Here you will also read:
- Difference between managed and unmanaged code
- Simple C++ program showing memory allocation and de-allocation in unmanaged code.
Hoe Earth's extreme microbe prove aliens existence in solar system Don’t you believe in aliens? You may change your perception after reading this post.. In this article, you will read about –
- Several perfect evidences of life in bizarre, uninhabitable environments on earth.
- And the solar system locations where you can expect life.
Goldilocks Zone – Why it is so important for the astronomers Is discovery of new planets in other Goldilocks zones enough to believe in extraterrestrial life. In this post you will read:
- What is Goldilocks and habitable zone around a star?
- Why it is so important to us?
- What are the life origin bottlenecks in the Goldilocks zones of the stars.
- And what are the Goldilocks conditions?
Life possibility reasons on new Earth-like planets discovered by NASA Read how Aliens can exist on 7 earth sized planets discovered by NASA. In this post, you will read about their discovery technique and future planning of the astronomers.
Visual studio console to fix entity framework version issue Are you facing “Load file or assembly issue for Entity framework” for your ASP.Net web project? Read this post to fix this version issue using Visual Studio 2013 command console.
Mid price ranged Intex Aqua Secure 4G smartphone with fingerprint sensor Intex launches its latest mid price ranged Aqua secure 4G Quad-core handset with the latest specifications and the best fingerprint sensor security feature. Checkout technical specifications and features for the same.
Interface vs abstraction in OOP Do you know why despite having similar features abstraction and interface are entirely different? This post compares the both most important object oriented programming concepts. Here you will also read:
- Difference between Abstract classes and interfaces
- Similarities
- Where to use which?
- And reply to a very useful question concerned to the them


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