How to use different design/template for different pages in WordPress Do you want to have different design / appearance for different pages in WordPress? In this article, we will show you how to create and use a custom template for a page in WordPress. From your wordpress admin, while creating a page you can see a template drop down menu under ‘Page Attributes’ section. Clicking […]
How Sender.net Became an Overnight Success in the Email Marketing Industry In a marketplace that is highly competitive in nature, Sender.net (sender.net) was able to become an almost overnight success in the email marketing industry. Since its founding in 2012, Sender.net has gained more than 4,200 business accounts. That number continues to grow each month. Among the many keys to Sender.net’s success is excellent customer service and a smart team of marketing and Internet experts.
WordPress functions.php File Functions.php is a file found in your Theme’s folder. To understand the file location, look at the following wordpress theme hierarchy. Adding Code to the Functions File The functions file is where you put various features and functionality within your wordpress theme. You can achieve this by defining your own functions or by calling built-in […]
Top 6 Content Curation Tools to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy Let’s have a look at top 6 content curation tools having the ability to smooth out your content marketing journey.
15 Ways to Recharge Outside of the Office to Stay Inspired at Work Fifteen best ways for seeking motivation outside of the office through hobbies, learning opportunities, etc. to stay inspired inside the office.
10 Best Typing Software for Learn Typing like a Pro As you know, each and everything is going digital these days and at this time having a knowledge of best typing software is must. I mean, come on, who we are kidding to? You cannot do anything if you do not have an appropriate above average or great typing speed.
Where To Get Free SSL Certificate For WordPress? [Trusted Sources] Do you want to know how to get a free SSL certificate for my website? Check the list of best free SSL providers that you can trust.
35 Free Online Blogging Tools To Up Your Blog Game (For FREE) Increase your productivity and quality of blogging with these amazing 35 free online blogging tools that will make blogging fun and interesting for you.
What I Learned from One Year of Intensive Ecommerce Marketing The best way for you to get to grips with a new skill set is to dive right in.

And after a roller coaster year of ecommerce marketing, I can look back and say that diving in was 100% the right move.

Even so, you can go a lot further with a little know-how to back you up.

Here are a few of the most valuable lessons I picked up in that first year, and how you can avoid learning them the hard way.
Essential SEO Tips and Tricks for a WordPress Website SEO has changed a lot over the years and so has our approach towards it. Here is a list of essential SEO tips that can help you rank better on Google.
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